Loki’s first episode includes a reference to DB Cooper but who was he? What has DB Cooper to do in the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Following the release of WandaVision and The Falcon and the Winter Soldier on Disney+ earlier this year, Loki debuted on the streaming service.

The new show premiered on Wednesday, June 9th with actor Tom Hiddleston reprising his role as Loki.

However, the first episode has already left viewers with many questions. In particular, a number of people are intrigued to find out about the story and identity of D.B. Cooper.

Please note that some spoilers follow below for Loki episode 1.

Loki, Marvel Entertainment on YouTube

D.B. Cooper on Loki

In episode one, Agent Mobius (Owen Wilson) asks Loki for help with a case when he shows Loki on the TVA’s project screen (Time Variance Authority).

The screen shows Loki as a past version of himself, dressed up in a black suit, aboard a passenger plane.

Loki hands out a note to the flight attendant, telling her to read the note before he says that there is a bomb in his briefcase.

In the next moments, Loki jumps out of a plane with a bag full of cash.

Mobius realises Loki’s past identity, saying: “You were D.B. Cooper!” to which Loki responds: “I was young and I lost a bet to Thor.”

But did you know that this scene is actually a reference to a real-life mystery?

Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

Marvel Studios’ Loki | Official Trailer | Disney+

So, who was D.B. Cooper?

According to FBI, on November 24th, 1971 a man under the name Dan Cooper (D.B. Cooper as reported on media outlets after an error) bought a plane ticket to travel from Portland, Oregon, to Seattle, Washington.

Similar to the scene in Loki, the man was dressed in a business suit and told the flight attendant next to him that there was a bomb in his bag.

He then asked for four parachutes and $200,000 in $20 bills.

D.B. Cooper managed to jump out of the plane with a parachute and a bag full of cash after which he disappeared.

Marvel Studios | Disney+

Was D.B. Cooper ever found?

No, he wasn’t found.

To this day, D.B Cooper’s name, identity or whereabouts haven’t been confirmed as this remains a huge mystery to this day.

One of the suspects was Richard McCoy who had carried out a similar airplane hijacking five months before Cooper’s case. McCoy was later ruled out because he didn’t match the description given by two of the flight attendants.

According to FBI, the mystery man is unlikely to have survived the jump as “his clothing and footwear were unsuitable for a rough landing”.

Cooper’s case remains open but the FBI suspended active investigation in July 2016.

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