The Kissing Both was a Netflix hit from the get-go, but what do we know about the upcoming Kissing Booth 3?

Actors Joey King and Joel Courtney have already let slip that The Kissing Booth 3 will be coming to Netflix on August 11, 2021.

Before you bite your fingers off, here’s everything you need to know about The Kissing Booth 3.

The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

The Kissing Booth 2 | Official Sequel Trailer | Netflix

The Kissing Booth 1 and 2 recap

Starring Joey King (The Conjuring, Fargo), Netflix’s Kissing Booth tells the story of Elle Evans, a late-bloomer who’s never-been-kissed, as she decides to run a kissing booth at her high school’s Spring Carnival.

She unexpectedly finds herself locking lips with her secret crush – the ultimate bad boy, Noah Flynn (Jacob Elordi).

But there’s one little problem: Noah just happens to be her best friend Lee (Joel Courtney)’s brother and is absolutely off-limits, according to the rules of their friendship pact.

Elle’s life is turned upside down when she realizes that she must ultimately make a choice: follow the rules or follow her heart.

The sequel ends with Elle facing the decision to either go to Harvard to be with Noah or to Berkeley to fulfil her friendship promise to Lee. 


The Kissing Booth 3: Release date and cast

  • The Kissing Booth 3 will premiere on Netflix on August 11th.   

Netflix confirmed the third movie shortly after the sequel’s release in July 2020, revealing that the third movie had already been filmed, which meant the current global situation wouldn’t affect its release.

In a new sizzle reel released by Netflix of their upcoming movies, Joey King and Joel Courtney cheekily let slip that The Kissing Booth 3 will be out on August 11, 2021.

“I got so excited, I ate 11 churros,” Courtney said, with King adding, “Ate 11, hmm?” which sounds like “8/11”, and in US format that’s August 11.

Along with the surprise announcement of the third movie it was confirmed that all of the main cast will be back.

What to expect in The Kissing Booth 3

The third movie will revolve around Elle’s major decision: will she join boyfriend Noah at Harvard, or follow her BFF Lee into Berkeley?

Elle managed to patch things up with Lee after lying to him about applying elsewhere, but can her relationship with Noah survive if she doesn’t go to Harvard?


You can watch The Kissing Booths 1 and 2 on Netflix.

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