TikTok-famous monkey George has died this week, and tributes to the primate are flooding social media.

Internet users are devastated as George, a monkey who went viral on TikTok for opening parcels, has sadly passed away.

George accumulated a huge 17.6 million followers and was well loved on social media.

So, who was George the Monkey? And what happened to him? Here’s what we know.

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Who was George the Monkey?

George the Monkey, or @heresyourmonkeycontent as he’s known online, was a TikTok famous pet monkey.

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The black-capped capuchin is a family pet owned by a couple in Texas who document his life and post videos to TikTok.

They originally bought George as a service animal for their mother who has a very painful nerve disorder called CRPS. Now, he has lived with them for over ten years.  

Most people know George as the monkey that rips open packages from fans. He receives mail from people all over the world that often contain toys and snacks.

George also has an Instagram page and a YouTube channel.

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George died this week after a trip to the vet

On Tuesday (June 8th), George’s owners revealed some heartbreaking news.

In an emotional montage posted to TikTok, they announced that George has passed away.

“We have some devastating news. George went to the vet for a regular check up on his teeth. During, there were complications with the anesthesia, starting a long fight for his life,” they said.

“Through the fight, George was sent thousands of thoughts and prayers with the hope that he would make it,” they continued before revealing that George died on June 7th at 4pm.

They concluded the video by writing:

“George was a light when things seemed dark. And he was a reminder of the love that exists in all of us. Though the fun-loving life of George has left, his spirit of hope and love lives on. We love you, George❤️.”

Fans are heartbroken

The devastating news has left fans heartbroken, and tributes to the monkey are flooding TikTok.

“I’m seriously so hurt and I’m bawling right now,” one person commented.

Another said: “I’m so sorry for your loss, he was so special. Thank you for sharing him with us… you will live in our hearts forever George.”

“Instant tears🥺 RIP George🥺❤️,” wrote a third person.

@heresyourmonkeycontent on TikTok

People have been paying tribute to George on Twitter too.

One fan said: “A monkey named George that I follow on TikTok died. I’m genuinely emotionally unstable over this😭😭😭.”

“Sobbing at 8:30 in the morning bc George the monkey from TikTok passed away,” wrote another.

R.I.P George!

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