A bulldog has gone viral on TikTok as his reaction to being told that it’s bedtime is totally hilarious.

There’s one type of TikTok video that never fails to entertain – dog videos.

Whether it’s someone showing off their really cute puppy, playing a hilarious prank on their pooch or doing the latest trending pet challenge, dog videos are foolproof.

The latest viral dog video involves a bulldog being told that it’s time for bed, and his reaction is so relatable.

This Bulldog’s reaction to bedtime is so relatable

This week, Moe the bulldog has gone viral on TikTok thanks to his hilarious reaction to bed time.

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In the footage posted by the account @moethebulldog, Moe’s owner says: “This is what my dog does every night when we ask if he’s ready for bed.”

Then, they tell the bulldog that it’s bedtime, and he has a very hilarious reaction.

Moe gets so excited that rushes to his bed and skids on the wooden floor because he’s running so fast. Well, fast for a bulldog that is.

When he reaches his bed, he crashes into it headfirst and looks incredibly content. Yeah, that’s how we feel when we get into bed too Moe.

The clip has been viewed more than 2.9 million times. Watch the hilarious video below!

TikTok reacts to Moe the Bulldog

It’s safe to say TikTok users are totally obsessed with Moe the Bulldog, and his reaction to bedtime is so relatable.

One person commented: “And this wins TikTok for the day! Everything a bulldog does is hilarious, everything!”

“Your dog is my new spirit animal,” said another.

Others found the dog’s speed totally hilarious.

“Sports mode on 🐶,” a third TikTok user said.

Another said: “That’s what 0-1 mph looks like.”

Some people even noticed that Moe sounded like a SpongeBob character.

“Mr Krabs that you,” one commenter said.

Another added: “Why does he kinda sound like Mr Krabs for a second?”

Comments from TikTok video by @MoeTheBulldog

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