The Nigerian singers Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay were filmed wrangling in a public salon and the video is going viral on Twitter.

Seyi Shay and Tiwa Savage are both singers and songwriters from Nigeria, while decade-long music careers.

The duo hasn’t been on good terms ever since 2016, and it continues being that way from what their fight at a hair salon in Lagos, Nigeria proves.

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay’s beef explained

Speculations that the two singers don’t get along started in 2016, when Seyi Shay was asked in a live interview about Tiwa Savage, and she replied: “I don’t really know her.”

The beef escalated in 2019, when Seyi Shay and the Kenyan singer Victoria Kimani, dissed Tiwa Savage in their cover songs of Kizz Daniel’s hit song “F you.”

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Seyi Shay sang: “You say you be my sister, but you wan collect my lover. You know I’m not Savage, I pay my bills.”

As Tiwa Savage is known as the “African Bad Gyal,” Victoria Kimani shaded her in the song singing: “Grandma African bad gyal, turning 45 and still claiming bad girl. You can block me from a show, but you can’t block my blessings. We all know you selling p***y and it’s so depressing.”

While the reason behind their beef hasn’t been addressed by the singers, the root of Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay’s conflict seems to be the singer WizKid, who was involved with Victoria Kimani and Tiwa Savage.

The relationship between the two female singers was almost forgotten now until Savage and Shay came face to face in a hair salon in Lagos, and a video of them fighting is going viral.

Tiwa Savage and Seyi Shay wrangle in a hair salon

The two singers met at a public hair salon in Lagos, Nigeria by accident. Seyi Shay said hello to Tiwa Savage and it was perceived well.

Two years after the song that Seyi Shay and Victoria Kimani shaded Tiwa Savage, Savage won’t forget.

“Don’t come to me and think you can say hi with the dirty and disgusting spirit that you have. You think I have forgotten what you guys did? You did a whole song; you and that b*tch did a whole song. You went on interviews and said shit about me and I didn’t say anything,” Tiwa Savage told off Seyi Shay.

“I have never slept with your man. I have never taken a job from you. I have never gone on the radio to say sh*t. You don’t try and squash sh*t by saying hi,” Savage continued the confrontation and the singers exchanged words.

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