An annular and partial solar eclipse will be here on June 10, 2021 but what time can you see it in the UK and US? Here’s how to see the ‘Ring of Fire’.

A spectacular solar eclipse called the ‘Ring of Fire’ is almost here and is set to be a cosmic feast for many people. Recently, there was a lunar eclipse combined with the last supermoon in May.

Solar and lunar eclipses, as well as supermoons, have proven to be huge treats for stargazers around the world who look out of their windows for a chance to catch a glimpse of them.

The annular solar eclipse will be visible in parts of Canada, Greenland and northern Russia but there will be a partial eclipse in the UK and US too. So, what time will the ‘Ring of Fire’ be visible in the UK and US?

Solar eclipse, Photo by Jongsun Lee on Unsplash

What time is the partial solar eclipse 2021 in the UK?

The partial solar eclipse 2021 will be visible at 10:07 am BST on Thursday, June 10th in London, UK.

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Time and Date notes that the eclipse will reach its maximum at 11:13 am and will end at 12:22 pm. The ‘Ring of Fire’ will be here for 2 hours and 14 minutes in total.

You can check out for more information on eclipse timings and visibility.

A solar eclipse happens when the Moon comes between the Earth and the Sun.

The eclipse on June 10, 2021, will be an annular solar eclipse for parts of Canada, Greenland and Russia, and partial for other locations such as the UK and US.

What time is the Solar Eclipse 2021 in the US?

The partial eclipse will be visible in the United States just after sunrise on Thursday, June 10th.

People based in New York, can catch a glimpse of it from 4:38 am EDT which will peak at its maximum at 5:32 am EDT.

The ‘Ring of Fire’ is then expected to conclude by 6:30 am EDT.

NASA has explained: “Viewers in parts of the eastern United States and northern Alaska will see a partial solar eclipse on June 10, along with much of Canada and parts of the Caribbean, Europe, Asia, and northern Africa.”

Why is it called the ‘Ring of Fire’?

It’s called the ‘Ring of Fire’ because the solar eclipse will look like a dark circle inside a bright disc. This happens when the Moon is far away from the Earth and doesn’t completely block the Sun.

NASA has explained more, saying: “During an annular eclipse, the Moon is far enough away from Earth that the Moon appears smaller than the Sun in the sky. Since the Moon does not block the entire view of the Sun, it will look like a dark disk on top of a larger, bright disk.

“This creates what looks like a ring of fire around the Moon,” the space agency has added.

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