Lorde released the popular Solar Power artwork on Monday, June 7. Here’s the potential release date of her new album and other details.

Lorde is finally back with some new music!

The New Zealand singer whose last album Melodrama released in 2017, is back with a new one.

Lorde released the artwork of her new music on her website, on Monday and eagle-eyed fans were quick to notice it.

However, the 24-year-old singer’s fans have been deciphering clues about her new project for months now. Some also predicting the title Solar Power.

So far Lorde’s new album of 2021 remains untitled but we do know that one of the tracks on it is called Solar Power.


Lorde’s Solar Power cover explored!

Lorde’s Solar Power artwork features a girl, potentially the singer herself, along with an attention-grabbing derriere-forward photograph on the beach. She is wearing what looks like a red thong under her yellow full-sleeve t-shirt.

The Solar Power cover was accompanied by a message that read, “Arriving in 2021… patience is a virtue.”

Fans can also choose to signup with their email-ids on Lorde’s official website, to get updates about the album’s release.

Lorde’s new album’s release date explored!

For now, the tracklist of Lorde’s 2021 album is under wraps but it won’t be that way for long.

We know that the new album is definitely arriving in 2021. Many websites have claimed that the album will be released hopefully in time to make some of its tracks, a contender for 2021’s song of the summer.

Photo by Steven Ferdman/Getty Images

More details about Solar Power and Lorde’s new album

Although we may not know the album’s name yet, we can guess that it will be somehow related or even heavily inspired by Lorde’s 2019 trip to Antarctica.

In a recent interview with the New Zealand publication NewsHub, the Perfect Places singer revealed that she decided on the album title around the time of her Antarctica visit.

“I actually decided on the album name right around that trip,” Lorde told NewsHub.

Lorde’s new album will still be a hot topic before her June 2022 visit to the Primavera Sound music festival.

Primavera is Barcelona’s infamous event. Lorde is set to headline the event alongside other stars like Dua Lipa, The Creator, Tyler, and many more.

Photo by Jordi Vidal/Redferns

Lorde and Jack Antonoff are collaborating again

The New Zealand star is known for dropping random hints about her new music via random sources. Her newsletter revealed that her Melodrama producer Jack was back again for her third album.

Jack will be producing some songs this time alongside Lorde. In a 2020 email to her fans, the singer revealed that she and Jack started working on the album before the pandemic began. They were collaborating by flying between Auckland and L.A., but then the lockdown hit.

The duo are collaborating via FaceTime now.

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