Floyd Mayweather and Logan Paul finally faced each other for eight rounds of boxing and the highly anticipated match ended with a draw, since there were no judges.

The Paul brothers are definitely keeping the world entertained, with their boxing portfolio featuring professional athletes despite being YouTubers. Logan’s fight with the undefeated Floyd Mayweather has been the most talked about YouTube boxing fight ever.

I mean, 50-0 vs a social media star? That’s an easy bet.

However, Logan managed to prove he was not all talk in the ring on Sunday night.

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Who won the fight, Floyd Mayweather or Logan Paul?

Retired Money Mayweather was unable to knockout Logan, as the pair endured the tiring eight rounds at Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, Florida.

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The pay-per-view event was an exhibition fight and since there were no judges present, it was classed as a draw.

If you’re desperate to find out a winner, then technically Floyd won, since his stats were better. The 44-year-old landed 40% of his punches, 43 of his 107, while Logan landed just 13% of his punches, 28 of the 217.

The start looked promising for the YouTuber, given his age and enthusiasm. But as the fight progressed, it was obvious that his stamina was no match for the professional.

Everyone was convinced that Floyd was a sure-win but after the weigh in, there was slight doubt. With Logan weighing in at 189.5 pounds to Mayweather’s 155 and a six-inch height advantage, this ‘Bragging Rights’ battle became a test of whether height and weight could beat skill and experience.

What did Floyd Mayweather say about Logan Paul post-fight?

Both fighters took their draw graciously, with the Hall of Famer calling Logan a “Great young fighter – strong, tough. He was better than I thought he was”.

He continued to say: “I was surprised by him tonight. Good little work, good guy.”

Whether it was a win, lose or draw, both of them are walking home with millions of dollars, so they’ll be happy no matter the outcome.

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