TikTok’s latest viral hack shows how pizza parlours take a giant slice out of your meal. Never trust a restaurant again!

This hack isn’t really a hack. Well, it’s a hack for those working in pizza kitchens if they want to snag a quick a bite.

But for the rest of us consumers, we are victims of food theft as a viral TikTok shows how a slice of our pizza can be seamlessly stolen without a trace of evidence.

Mel Melcon / Los Angeles Times via Getty Images

What is the pizza hack?

Originally posted by a user named Lonely Pepperoni, the now-deleted TikTok shows an employee using a pizza rocker to cut up a freshly baked pizza.

However to our disgust, the worker slices down the middle of the pizza and then slices down again slightly diagonal. A narrow piece is cut away and is taken out of the box.

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The worker proceeds to cut the remaining pizza into eight slices and the pizza looks completely normal – as if nothing was taken away from it.

screenshot, YouTube – VESA Channel

If this is happening in at all pizza restaurants, then something needs to be done!

The internet reacts to ‘pizza theft’

In the original video, the pizza was too big for the box and one user defender the worker:

“That pie was too large to fit into that box until that slice was cut out. Then it fit perfectly.”

One wise user pointed out, “If it had pepperoni you can see they likely won’t line up”. That’s true, always check your pepperoni! If you get a topping that doesn’t let you check, then you’re doomed.

The only way to combat this hack is to always order your pizza un-cut. It’s a hassle to cut it yourself but you decide which is the priority here – more pizza, or no cutting?

If a slice will be taken from any pizza, I sincerely hope a worker is truly enjoying it.

Another user has shown another hack where a rectangular slice is cut.

A lot of comments on TikTok are claiming that this hack is the reason for the Chuck E Cheese pizza conspiracy in 2019.

Shane Dawson’s two-part series investigating conspiracies looks into why the American fast food chain’s pizzas are so awkwardly shaped.

The YouTuber suspected that the restaurant were serving customers leftover slices, thus explaining the mismatched sizes.

The restaurant responded to the accusations, but that still does not explain the toppings not lining up.

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