Time is the newest arrival on BBC One and iPlayer and is set in HMP Craigmore but is the prison real and what filming locations were used?

Starring Sean Bean and Stephen Graham, BBC One’s newest drama, Time, explores the volatile world of prison.

The series takes place at HMP Craigmore which becomes the home of Mark Mark Cobden after he’s sentenced to four years behind bars.

But is HMP Craigmore a real prison? Where was BBC One’s Time filmed?

Time | Sean Bean and Stephen Graham prison thriller | Trailer – BBC

Time | Sean Bean and Stephen Graham prison thriller | Trailer – BBC

Time on BBC One and iPlayer

Time landed itself behind bars on BBC One and iPlayer on June 6th, 2021.

Penned by Jimmy McGovern, Time tells the story of Mark Cobden (Sean Bean) who is newly imprisoned and is way out of his depth in the volatile world of prison.

He meets Eric McNally (Stephen Graham), a prison officer who does his best to protect those in his charge. However, matters become more complicated when the prison’s most dangerous inmate learns of Eric’s biggest weakness, forcing him to make an impossible choice.


HMP Craigmore in Time

  • Time is set at HMP Craigmore which is not a real prison.

In an awkward phone call with his wife, Mark tells her (and the audience) that he’s being held in Craigmore Prison.

Despite appearing to be a real location, HMP Craigmore is actually a fictional prison and doesn’t exist in real life.

As shown by the prison’s high number of scouse inmates, and Stephen Graham’s Eric McNally, Craigmore appears to be based in Liverpool or the surrounding Merseyside area.

However, none of the prisons in the area in real life – HMP Liverpool, HMP Altcourse and HMP Thorn Cross in Warrington – share the Craigmore name.


Where was Time filmed?

  • Time was filmed at HMP Shrewsbury.

That’s right, despite HMP Craigmore being a fictional location, the BBC series was still filmed at a real prison.

Unbelievably, there has been a prison on the HMP Shrewsbury site since as far back as 1793.

The current building on the site was constructed several decades later between 1877 and 1878.

In March 2013, HMP Shrewsbury was closed and decommissioned as a working prison but has become a hotspot for filming crews.

Since its closure, Sky One’s Lucky Man, ITV’s Prey, Bancroft and Coronation Street have been among the TV series filmed at the location.

Filming on BBC One’s Time took place in 2020 and locations across Liverpool and the surrounding area were also used including Oakland Street in Widnes (from where Runcorn Bridge is visible) and Southport Pier.


Time is airing weekly on BBC One while all episodes are available to stream now on BBC iPlayer.

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