Season 3 of Netflix’s Lost in Space is set to hit our screens at the end of 2021. The pandemic delayed shooting in 2020, so the release has been pushed back.

The second series dropped at the end of 2019 and viewers are now getting impatient with season three, as they’ve been waiting for nearly 18 months.

First released in April 2018, the series follows the Robinson family in the year 2046 after the survival of humanity is threatened due to an asteroid.

Episode 10 of season two saw the family under the attack of Officer Hastings and an army of robots. The series ended viewers begging for more when the family discover Fortuna, a ship that vanished 20 years ago. So when is season three coming and what’s the hold up?

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Lost in Space S3: Release date

There is no official date for the release date yet, but Netflix has confirmed it will definitely be in 2021.

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Season 1 premiered nine months after filming wrapped in July 2017 and season two released 11 months after shooting.

From this, we can expect the potential release date to be between October and December 2021. HITC can confirm that Lost in Space will not be on Netflix prior to September.

Will there be Lost in Space Season 4?

Unfortunately, no. Season three will be the final installment of the sci-fi series. Since it is based on the 1965 series of the same name, it is likely that it will follow the old show as it has been told.

A tweet from 2020 by Lost in Space’s showrunner also confirmed the series to be a trilogy only:

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