Season 3 of BBC Two’s Motherland comes to an end on June 7th but has the much-loved series been renewed for season 4?

The popular parenthood series ‘Motherland’ returned to BBC Two with season 3 on May 10.

But with just five episodes on offer, fans are hungry for more.

Will the show return with season 4 and if so, when? 

Motherland: Trailer | BBC Trailers

Motherland: Trailer | BBC Trailers

Is Motherland renewed for season 4?

  • BBC is yet to confirm if there will be another season.

However, since the show has a strong following, it’s highly probable that we’ll be seeing our favourite London mums soon. 

As season 4 has not been confirmed, there is no word on a release date just yet but there has been a two-year gap between each series so far, meaning season 4 is likely to arrive in 2023 if it’s confirmed.

The series finale is to air on June 7, at 9pm on BBC Two and all three season are available on the BBC iPlayer.


Cast member hints at more

Paul Ready, who plays Kevin in the show, recently spoke out about the possibility that Jill (his wife on the show who has never been seen on-screen) could appear in future seasons.

When asked by whether she could appear in season 4, he said: “Ooh, that’s a good question. I do think it’s a great thing we never meet Jill because I think the whole thing about Jill is that she lives in the audience’s imagination, you can imagine, who is she?

“I was saying this to someone the other day, each time a series airs and I’m walking down the road with my wife, she’s always saying, ‘They think I’m Jill.’ So maybe my wife could play Jill.”

Ready’s wife Michelle Terry is an Olivier Award-winning actor, best known for her performances in theatre shows such as ‘Tribes’, ‘Macbeth’, ‘Hamlet’ and ‘As You Like It’.


Motherland season 4 potential plot

A LOT happened in season 3.

Liz’s love life is going well, for once. She’s now utterly in love with Sam the farmer (Tom Meeten).

After developing a crush on Gary (Robbie Gee) the builder, Julia’s marriage with Paul (Oliver Chris) is back on track.

Word has spread that Kevin, who was wrapped up with his own divorce proceedings, and Amanda got down and dirty not once, but twice.

Amanda’s ex-husband Johnny (Terry Mynott) is now engaged to his new partner and as you’d expect, she was furious. Expect her fury to rumble on in season 4. 

Motherland season 3 concludes on BBC Two and iPlayer on June 7th, 2021.

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