On Sunday, June 6, news surfaced that Rapper Lil Durk’s brother, DThang had passed away after being reportedly shot in Chicago.

The news was confirmed when TMZ reported that Cook County officials revealed that Dontay Banks Jr. aka DThang was found deceased in Chicago. An autopsy is yet to be conducted to reveal the exact cause and manner of death.

His body was found on the 7900 block of S. Loomis Blvd. in Chicago. The cops are still investigating the case!

However, reports say that Lil Durk’s brother DThang was killed.

DThang was reportedly shot in the head outside of a nightclub. Alleged witnesses who saw the shooting go down, claim that the rapper died on the spot.

Here’s more about Lil Durk’s deceased brother DThang!

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Who was Lil Durk’s brother DThang?

DThang was Lil Durk’s older brother.

The 32-year-old was a rapper himself although not as big as Lil Durk himself. From his Instagram, we see that he worked with Only The Famil (OTF), a popular is a rap label from Chicago, Illinois.

The group was formed by DThang’s brother Lil Durk back in 2010. It is now the home to artists like Booka600, Memo600, OTF Timo, Boss Top, Doodie Lo, C3, THF Zoo, and many more. The deceased rapper King Von was also a part of the collective.

DThang has a string of released songs, that he produced.

Some of his famous songs are Dishonest, No Hook, Terrorize, Play it Back, Free Da Gzz, 4TEEN X Trench Kid Y3 – Closed Casket and etc.

His latest release was Play It Back, which released on June 1.

He has over 160,000 followers on Instagram.

This is yet another tragedy to strike the Chicago rapper Lil Durk.

He has already lost a handful of friends and loved ones in recent years. His labelmate King Von was shot and killed last year.

Turn Me Up Josh, a producer he worked with died just last week. The rapper commemorated his producer/friend’s passing with a post.

The 28-year-old Rapper is yet to comment on his brother DThang being reportedly killed.

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Twitter reacts to DThang’s death

Many fans took to Twitter to mourn DThang’s death and Lil Durk’s loss.

There were few who blamed the lyrics of Lil Durk’s songs, “dissing he be doin,” as the reason behind him losing so many close people.

Others expressed how distraught they were that the rapper had to live with these losses.

One user wrote, “I completely understand that, it coulda been a lot of factors, people mad at who his brother is, he flashing money, a lot of things but Durk does not help the case with all the dissing he be doing. In his new album with Baby i peeped like a couple times he dissed Duck and Melly.”

Another one said, “Oh i feel that, but mans gotta live with these losses. Mister (even tho he was with the other side), Nuski, Chino, Von (even tho that happened because Von thought he could bully Quando) and now D Thang??”


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