YouTuber KSI has joked that he’s world’s best boxer after the Logan Paul and Floyd Mayweather match ended in a draw.

No one ever thought one of the world’s greatest boxers would take on YouTuber who has only participated in one professional match and lost it.

Well, Sunday night was the night and to be honest, Logan Paul did well at surviving the eight grueling rounds against Floyd.

Enter KSI, who was the first and only guy to beat Logan. Obviously, the draw result is good news for KSI.

Photo by Cliff Hawkins/Getty Images

KSI jokes he’s better than Floyd Mayweather

KSI, also known as JJ Olatunji, took to Twitter to tease the unsatisfying result, declaring himself as the “best boxer in the world”. Technically, it makes sense since he beat Logan and Logan drew with Floyd, so he’s not wrong.

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Some fans have gone along with his joke, mocking Logan’s poor stats of landing only 13% of his punches, compared to Floyd’s 40%.

However, some disagree with KSI, claiming that Logan would’ve definitely improved his boxing skill since his first bout with him in 2019. Also, the Twittersphere are reminding KSI that he only won because Logan had points deducted for an illegal punch to the back of the head.

Most of the replies are giving Logan the credit, since he managed to hold up and land a couple punches against such an undefeated boxing Hall of Famer.

What did Jake Paul say about the fight?

Logan seems to be 100% the winner in the eyes of his brother after his tweet saying:



He didn’t officially win since it was an exhibition fight and there were no judges, but you’ve got to support your family, right?

Fans are poking fun at Jake for his tweet, reminding him of Floyd’s punches with the best screenshots.

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