BTS’s RM released his new song Bicycle on Sunday, June 6 and fans are already in love with it. Here’s the English version of the RM’s Bicycle‘s lyrics!

BTS member RM has surprised his fans with a brand new song!

Bicycle which was released on Sunday is the 26-year-old’s first solo material since the release of his 2018 “playlist” project ‘mono’.

The audio of the new song was posted on YouTube yesterday and it already has over 5 million views.

Ever since RM released his new song Bicycle, BTS fans have been talking about it incessantly.

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BTS’ RM’s Bicycle song’s English Lyrics explored!

While RM sings some parts of the song in English, the majority of it is in Korean.

The BTS member sings selective lines in English in various of the song’s verses.

In Verse 1 there’s “I wanna keep the bass down low” followed by “I don’t see no open cars, no open bars.”

Post the mid-song chorus there are more English lyrics.

Verse 2 has “Feel the roof, smell the truth.”

RM’s new song Bicycle was produced, written alongside singer-songwriter John Eun. Many ARMY members might remember that last year, RM had provided backing vocals on John’s song Hope.

Bicycle’s chill summer vibe is making non-Korean speakers curious to know what its lyrics mean in English. Fans can listen to the song on BTS’ Soundcloud.

Here’s some of RM’s Bicycle’s English lyrics

Verse 1

I wanna keep the bass down low
My mind is already in weekend mode
I don’t see no open cars, no open bars
It’s not bad, I’m all alone in this road
The minds of people are floating like an island
The night that might never come
Walk and roll across the horizon
To the vanishing point that we chose


If you are sad, let’s ride a bicycle
Let’s put the wind under the feet
Oh, let’s ride a bicycle
With arms opened freely

Photo by The Chosunilbo JNS/Imazins via Getty Images

BTS’ RM’s inspiration behind Bicycle’s lyrics

On BTS’ blog page, the singer opened about the idea behind his new melody.

Opening about his motives behind the track RM said that BTS’ upcoming 2021 FESTA motivated him to go ahead and make this song.

He revealed that during February and March this year, he spent time riding his bike around and the idea for the song struck him.

He revealed that one of his favourite artists Sungsic Moon made the cover art for the song.

His love for bicycles is reflected in the song’s lyrics as he talks about riding it with open arms when one feels sad.

Fans react to RM’s Bicycle

One fan said, “I can’t get past this masterpiece.”

A second fan wrote, “Thank you for ‘bicycle’ RM, it’s soulful, therapeutic and refreshing just like the vibe you get when you ride a bike.”

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