Gina Rodriguez stars in the latest Sci-fi film, Awake on Netflix and fans are wondering about the release date and cast for it.

Awake is an upcoming sci-fi film, directed by Mark Raso and produced by Paul Schiff. The film which stars ‘Jane the Virgin’ (2014-2019) actress Gina Rodriguez, is set to drop on Netflix this month.

Fans are now wondering what date the film will release and who else is set to appear in it. Please note: This article may contain spoilers.

So, what date does Awake release on Netflix?

Awake: Release date

  • Awake is scheduled to release on Netflix on Wednesday, 9th June 2021.

The 9th of June 2021 falls on the US national holiday, National Strawberry Rhubarb Pie Day. So, if you are in the US or anywhere else really, grab yourself a slice of pie and try to stay Awake with Netflix’s latest sci-fi flick!

AWAKE | Official Trailer

AWAKE | Official Trailer

Awake: Cast list

The cast of Awake are as follows:

  • Gina Rodriguez as Jill Adams, Matilda’s mother
  • Jennifer Jason Leigh
  • Barry Pepper
  • Finn Jones
  • Shamier Anderson as Dodge
  • Ariana Greenblatt as Matilda Adams, Jill’s daughter
  • Frances Fisher
  • Lucius Hoyos as Noah
  • Gil Bellows
  • Elias Edraki as Petty Officer Diaz
  • Katerina Taxia as Greek Mother

The remaining cast and crew can be seen here.

Awake: Plot explained

Please note: This article may contain spoilers.

The premise of Awake follows Gina Rodriguez as an ex-soldier named Jill as the protagonist. The world is hit by an event similar to a solar flare, which means all electronic items and devices no longer work and people have lost the ability to sleep.

Jill’s daughter Matilda seems to be the key to saving the world before everyone tears each other apart. Now Jill must navigate her and Matilda’s way to safety and to the people that can help humanity, as chaos erupts around them.

While they do so, people become unhinged from not sleeping, this puts them in harmful situations that they may not survive.

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