Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops have broken up. The YouTuber confirmed the news in a video which she posted on June 5. Here’s a look at what led to their split as we explore their relationship.

The news about Karlee and Josh’s breakup left many shocked. The pair had a YouTube channel together and often showcased their relationship on social media. On June 5, in a YouTube video, Karlee confirmed that she had Josh had ended things. She shed more light on their breakup in the 24 minute video.

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Why did Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops break up?

In the video, Karlee admitted things were good when they initially started dating. She revealed that Josh decided to quit his job and focus on his music career as a full-time profession. During this time, Josh and Karlee agreed to support each other as they tried to work on their respective careers.

However, things weren’t always great. Karlee revealed she decided to distance himself from Josh as the two often argued due to their financial struggles. She said: “One of the biggest issues had in our relationship was lack of communication and me always thinking about our future while he was busy thinking about his relationship.”

Karlee admitted she had put Josh before herself. At the same time, Karlee addressed claims that she cheated on Josh. She denied the rumors and also broke her silence on Twitter.

She also slammed Josh on Twitter as she wrote: “It took you about 30 minutes to follow and message the girls you talked s*it about after two years….. but yet I’m the cheater. Seems like u wanted a way out. You can watch her entire YouTube video here. As of now, Josh has not said anything about their relationship.

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Karlee Steel and Josh Bisschops’ relationship explored

Karlee and Josh had been dating for two years before she came forward and confirmed their split. The pair often shared their pictures on social media and kept their fans in the loop with what was happening in their life.

Josh and Karlee went on to create their YouTube channel in which they would post content like Vlogs, pranks, and challenges. At the same time, the two would often share TikTok videos together.

Even though Josh’s Instagram posts were related to his career, Karlee would often share pictures of her and Josh on her page.

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