Celebrate World Environment Day with 21 quotes perfect for your inspirational Instagram posts. Plus a look at the history of World Environment Day and the UN events taking place in 2021.

World Environment Day takes place annually on June 5th. The aim of WED is to raise awareness around the globe of the importance of protecting the environment and nature. Marine pollution and global warming are just some of the issues tackled by the UN’s World Environment Day.

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How does World Environment Day help our planet?

World Environment Day raises awareness around the importance of caring for environments all over the planet.

In 2021, the World Environment Day theme is “Ecosystem Restoration”.

The UN event will be hosted by Pakistan and ‘#GenerationRestoration’ is a trending hashtag in relation to the day.

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When is World Environment Day?

The UN’s World Environment Day is held on June 5th every year.

The United Nations established the day in 1972 although it wasn’t recognised in the USA until 1974 when the theme was “Only One Earth”.

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21 World Environment Day quotes for Instagram

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