During the Alan Partridge series, This Time, a tribute was paid to Will Coogan. Here’s a look at who Will was and if he was related to Steve Coogan.

Steve Coogan is best known for playing comedy character Alan Partridge, he’s also an actor, producer, comedian and screenwriter. The 55-year-old has been playing the role of Alan Partridge in This Time with Alan Partridge since 2019.

While Steve’s professional career has seen him appear in a variety of TV and film roles, as well as winning many awards, he’s not one for putting his private life on display. However, the tribute, which aired Friday, June 4th, had BBC viewers asking for more details…

Screenshot: This Time series 2 episode 6 – BBC One

This Time with Alan Partridge: Will Coogan tribute

At the end of This Time with Alan Partridge series 2 episode 6, a tribute was paid to Will Coogan which read: “Dedicated to the memory of Will Coogan 1991 – 2021“.

He was 29 years old when he passed away.

Many viewers of the BBC show took to Twitter to ask who Will was and whether he was related to Steve Coogan.

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How are Will Coogan and Steve Coogan related?

Will Coogan was Steve Coogan’s nephew.

Steve’s brother, Martin, was Will’s father. Martin and his wife, Joanne, lost their son earlier in 2021.

Martin was a musician and member of a band named The Mock Turtles. He also worked in the music department for some of Steve’s TV programmes and composed music for Mid Morning Matters with Alan Partridge in 2016 as per IMDb.

He obviously passed down his musical talents to his children as his late son, Will, was a talented musician, as is his daughter, Mary Joanna.

Mary Joanna has a YouTube channel where she used to post her music. She and her brother would perform together in the Mary Joanna Band.

Will Coogan’s family

On March 2nd, 2021, Will Coogan’s sister, Mary Joanna paid tribute to him on Instagram.

Mary Joanna shared a six-photo slider containing treasured images of her brother.

Some people commented on the photos, writing: “I love him wearing your jumper (posing/not posing) He was a v v cool dude.

Another said: “What a gorgeous relationship you’ve always had my girl, your bond can never be broken“.

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