Tom MacDonald released his latest song Snowflakes and fans noticed that Blaire White was part of the music video. Here’s a look at who is Blaire!

In his new song, Tom takes an aim at the political atmosphere of the United States. This is not the first time that the singer has spoken about politics. Most of his music tends to bring light to that topic. In his latest music video, the singer decided to collaborate with Blaire.

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Who is Blaire White?

Blaire is an American YouTuber and political commentator. She has been vocal about her thoughts on politics and uses her social media platform to put forward her thoughts.

At the same time, Blaire, who is a transgender activist, has been an avid Donald Trump supporter. Speaking to Newsweek, Blaire had revealed how she was bullied for being a Trump supporter.

She said: ” am a transgender woman who lives my life and goes out every day as myself. I have never been assaulted for being trans. I’ve never had anyone on the street say anything nasty to me about being trans. But I was assaulted for wearing a Trump hat. I think that speaks for itself.”

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Apart from having a strong stance on politics, Blaire often posts content on her Instagram. She interreacts with her fans by giving them a sneak peek into her life.

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Tom MacDonald’s Snowflakes video explored

Tom’s Snowflakes video takes a deep dive into American politics as he points to things that he thinks are problematic. With an American flag in the background, the singer goes on to narrate things that need to be looked into.

Right from talking about gun laws to abortion bills, the singer does not leave a topic unsaid. At the same time, Tom questions the government for their contradictory statements.

Meanwhile, some of the lyrics talk about “race war” and how Black Lives Matter discussion comes only “once every four years.” The entire lyrics urge people to look around them and see how politics shapes the minds of people.

As Tom asks his followers to question everything that is happening in American politics, he voices out the urgent need for change in the country.

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