A contestant on the TV show Jeopardy! has gone viral online thanks to her hilarious facial expressions. Who is Julia Markham Cameron?

Since it first launched in 1964, the gameshow Jeopardy! has been a real hit with families across America.

The quiz competition hosted by Merv Griffin has had a huge 37 Seasons and won 39 Daytime Emmy Awards.

The latest episode of Jeopardy! has gone viral online thanks to one woman. Meet Julia Markham Cameron!

Jeopardy! contestant Julia Markham Cameron

Who is Julia Markham Cameron?

Julia Markham Cameron is an attorney from Brooklyn.

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She appeared on the American game show Jeopardy! this week and has now gone viral online.

Here’s why…

Jeopardy! viewers notice Julia Markham Cameron’s facial expressions

This week, a brand new episode of Jeopardy! aired, and viewers were obsessed with one woman.

Julia Markham Cameron won the show and took home $16,450, but it wasn’t her impressive quiz knowledge that’s got people talking.

Throughout the episode, the woman made some interesting facial expressions, and she’s now gone viral online.

Twitter reacts to Julia Markham

People have been taking to Twitter to react to Julia, and she’s had the internet divided.

Some people are totally obsessed with Julia and her elaborate facial expressions.

One person wrote: “That’s it, Julia Markham Cameron should be a permanent Jeopardy contestant. I am thoroughly enjoying her facial expressions and Jeopardy joy.”

“THINGS THAT MAKE ME HAPPY: Jeopardy. Every so often a contestant comes along who makes the popular game even better. Enter quirky Brooklyn New York lawyer Julia Markham Cameron, whose reactions to answers right and wrong were delightful to behold,” wrote another.

A third person added: “I was in Julia Markham Cameron’s corner by her second facial expression. I absolutely loved her. I cackling like an old hen throughout (and I’m really a rooster). My fingers are crossed for her to keep on going!!”

However, others weren’t so sure.

One person tweeted: “Twitter is divided on #Jeopardy Julia as am I. She’s annoying/funny/quirky all in one. One thing’s for sure though, it’s like when you have a nightmare you are going to be on tv and wake up a minute before you go live!!”

“Oh no. We are going to be stuck with Julia tomorrow. #jeopardy,” wrote another.

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