TikTok’s famous ‘Bee Lady’ is under fire this week, and here’s why.

The latest bout of TikTok drama revolves around something pretty unexpected… bees.

Yes, you heard that right. This week’s gossip isn’t about Bryce Hall or Addison Rae, it’s about beekeeper Erika Thompson, aka ‘Bee Lady’, or Texas Bee Works.

The TikTok-famous beekeeper has been slammed by another beekeeper this week who claims that her practices are “dangerous” and “fake”.

Here’s what’s going on…

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Who is TikTok’s ‘Bee Lady’?

Erika Thompson, who is better known as the ‘Bee Lady’ on TikTok, is a professional beekeeper who documents her job on social media.

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The woman from Austin, Texas goes by the name @TexasBeeWorks on TikTok and has accumulated a staggering six million followers.

People all over the world are intrigued by her videos where she shows how she looks after her bees and shares the daily life of being a beekeeper.

However, this week, the much-loved TikToker is involved in a bit of drama.

TexasBeeWorks is under fire this week

This week, Erika Thompson has been under fire after another professional beekeeper claimed that her practices were staged, fake and even dangerous.

California-based beekeeper LA Honeybee Rescue, who has 28,000 followers on TikTok, uploaded a series of videos on May 22nd in which she slammed Erika.

In the first video, she showed off the protective clothing she wears to stop the bees from stinging her and said: “This is why Texas Bee Works is dangerous. She doesn’t show this.”

Erika Thompson famously doesn’t wear any form of protective clothing when tending to the bees and has previously argued that her 10 years experience means she can “read the bees behaviour” before even calling the insects “docile”.


I don’t give a rat’s ass if you think I have a bad attitude for pointing out that one of my colleagues is doing something dangerous. This is my job

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In a second video, LA Honeybee Rescue accused her of “not carrying ladders or power tools” and not being a “bee removal specialist”.

“Going and opening up hives with her hair down and wearing dark clothes with exposed skin is dangerous,” she said in another video. “She doesn’t show herself wearing protective gear when she goes up and analyses the hive.”

“I’m 100% okay with her showing how docile swarms are, but the fact is that she goes into removals without wearing any safety gear, wearing black leggings, a black tank top and a dark blue shirt that’s unbuttoned over a top and knotted… and she’s setting a very dangerous precedent,” she continued.

“She’s not wearing any type of power gear, she’s not wearing thick pants or gaters or work boots. She looks really pretty doing it and that’s because it’s faked. And I hate to say that because ya’ll are gonna say I’m coming for her, but it’s not.”

“I am straight up calling her out and saying what you do is fake at Texas Bee Works. I see you, we all see you. All of us female removal specialists, we see you. We know you’re faking,” she concluded.

At the time of writing this, Texas Bee Works has not responded to LA Honeybee Rescue’s allegations.

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