Where was Sweet Tooth filmed? Let’s consider the filming locations of the 2021 Netflix series starring Will Forte. Where is it set?

Netflix has offered subscribers an impressive selection of exciting TV series so far this year.

One of the latest to captivate audiences is Sweet Tooth, an American fantasy-drama based on Jeff Lemire’s comic book of the same name. It premiered on the platform on Friday, June 4th and has swept fans up across 8 episodes.

The world looks different in the wake of “The Great Crumble” and some are curious about the show’s setting and filming locations. So, where was Sweet Tooth on Netflix filmed?


Where was Sweet Tooth on Netflix filmed?

  • Sweet Tooth was filmed in New Zealand, despite being set in North America.

The majority of production took place around Auckland and the South Island, while it’s worth highlighting that the Animal Army headquarters sequences were actually captured at a theme park called Rainbow’s End.

Auckland is New Zealand’s most populous city and the cast were reportedly seen at work in the eastern suburbs.

Executive producer Susan Downey explained: “We shot it in New Zealand, we shot it kind of all around the South Island and Auckland. And it was an incredible place to shoot. I mean, you know, look, that place in and of itself feels like a fairy tale.”

The Cinemaholic acknowledges that the crew also flocked to shoot in Queenstown, along with other locations. Throughout the filming process, numerous members of the team posted snaps from Queenstown, which is located in New Zealand’s Otago region, on South Island.

Additionally, snaps were posted on social media from places like Waipū in Northland, and Milford Sound and Fiordland National Park in South Island.

Sweet Tooth: 2021 series filming locations

Speaking on the importance of New Zealand as a location and how they chose it, Susan provided some more insight:

“We looked into New Zealand and after shooting that first episode, it’s like, there was just no other place that we wanted to be. Everything seems a little brighter and bigger than real life. And so it made for the perfect setting for this adventure and the crew. It was amazing. I mean, everybody fell in love with it.”

One of the showrunners – Jim Mickle – added: “Originally, we were only going to do the pilot there, just to sort of establish a great, big look, and then do the show somewhere in North America. But I think within a week or two, it was like, ‘You can’t do this show anywhere else. We’ve got to come back here.’ And then it wound up being, obviously, the best place during COVID.”

Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer

Sweet Tooth | Official Trailer

Fans praise Sweet Tooth

Some have wasted no time in hopping onto Twitter to offer their praise of Sweet Tooth.

Check out a selection of tweets:

Sweet Tooth is now available on Netflix.

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