Sienna Mae has released another YouTube video following claims that she had sexually assaulted fellow TikTok star Jack Wright.

Her first video was uploaded on June 1st in response to the initial claims of assault, and her second video comes after a video surfaced online showing Sienna allegedly assaulting Jack.

Sienna broke down the video and stated: “I will not allow myself to be slandered with these false claims.”

Sienna finished her video by telling people: “Do you really think I would follow through with legal action if these crimes were true? No, because they are not true. These defamatory claims were made to ruin my name, I will continue to stand up for myself and tell the truth.”

What happened in the video of Sienna Mae and Jack Wright?

The situation became public on June 1st after Jack’s friend Mason shared a tweet claiming that Sienna sexually assaulted Jack “numerous times after he set boundaries.” Jack’s twin brother James retweeted it.

After deleting his initial tweet, Mason uploaded one saying: “The Wright family, Sienna’s family, and I have decided to delete all information about the situation and handle it off of social media.”

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Sienna issued a video response denying the claims, and on June 4th, a video was posted online by Jack’s friend, which he alleges shows Sienna assaulting Jack.

Sienna Mae addresses leaked video

Sienna began her response to the video by stating: “Once again, I am having to give context to a video that was put out and immediately deleted. Before I start, I stand with what I said in the last video, I did not sexually assault Jack Wright.”

She then shared several video clips of her and Jack acting very affectionate together in TikToks and YouTube videos and said that the pair of them were “very touchy feely” and it was the way they “interacted with each other.”

Sienna explained: “The way that Jack’s friend narrated this video, I admit, looks so weird and looks real… but not everything is how you see on social media.”

“The clip of me kissing jack, he is also kissing me. I was looking at him face to face, he was kissing me back. Laughlin claims that he was unconscious, if he was unconscious why did his arm move when you got up and why was he kissing me back?”

She continued:

“My hand is very visibly on Jack’s thigh, his upper thigh. This video was very strategically narrated and the clip of Jack asleep after, where he actually was unconscious, was after we had just made out. These two clips look terrible edited together, but that is the point, they are edited together.”

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Jack Wright shares post about the Sienna Mae allegations

The initial claims were not made by Jack, and his only public response to the situation has been an Instagram post, which said:

“While I love sharing my life with all of you some parts are deeply personal and I have been hesitant to share for my own emotional and mental wellbeing.”

Jack continued on to write:

“But I will say this. Sexual assault is a serious matter that has real consequences. Mason and James’ only intention was to protect me with the truth and I value their enormous support through this extremely difficult time. I truly encourage my childhood friend Sienna to get the help and support that she needs. I don’t want to tear anyone down and only wish healing for everyone involved.”

National Sexual Assault Hotline- Call: 800-656-HOPE (4673)

Loveisrespect- Call: 866-331-9474

National Sexual Assault Online Hotline- Chat now:

UK hotlines:

Victim Support- Supportline: 08 08 16 89 111

The Survivors Trust- Helpline: 0808 801 0818

Rape Crisis Network Europe- 

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