Complaints are flooding Twitter as TikTok users report a glitch with the app’s new Privacy Policy notification.

Every now and again, TikTok updates its privacy policy, and by law, it has to notify its users.

Over the past 24 hours, a message has been popping up on TikTok to tell people that the Privacy Policy has changed, but there appears to be a glitch.

So, what is actually happening? And how do you fix it? Let’s explore the error.

Image by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay

TikTok’s new privacy policy glitch explored

On Wednesday (June 2nd), TikTok updated its privacy policy, and the app began notifying users of the changes.

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After opening the app, many users in the USA recieved a “Privacy Policy Update” message that said:

“We have updated our Privacy Policy. By continuing to use our services, you acknowledge these updates. Pleased review our Privacy Policy below or more details.”

Most users then clicked ‘ok’ and thought nothing of it.

However, people then noticed that the message had a glitch, and kept appearing every single time they opened the app.

Now, they’ve been taking to Twitter to complain.

Complaints are flooding Twitter

Twitter has been flooded with complaints about the glitch.

One person wrote: “Can @tiktok_us stop notifying me about “Privacy Policy” or “Important Updates”? Please and thank you.”

“TikTok I know you updated your Privacy Policy now, CAN YOU PLEASE STOP SHOWING ME EVERY TIME I OPEN THE APP ITS ANNOYING,” said another.

A third person wrote: “How many times is tiktok gonna let me know they updated their privacy policy?”

So, how do you get rid of it?

How do you fix it?

Unfortunately, TikTok hasn’t revealed why people are experiencing this glitch, but here are some things that might fix it…

  • Log out of the app.

First, you could try logging out of the TikTok app and back in again.

  • Uninstall the app.

If logging out doesn’t work, try uninstalling the app completely.

  • Clear your cache.

Another thing that could work is clearing your cache. Do this by heading to Settings > Cache & Cellular Data > Clear Cache.

If none of these things work, you might just have to put up with the annoying notification for a little longer.

TikTok are probably already working to fix the problem!

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