Olivia Ponton has come out as bisexual in a new interview after rumours that her girlfriend is Kaila Novak. Let’s meet Kaila on Instagram.

If you’ve been following Olivia Ponton on social media, you know that she is one of the most popular members from the Hype House with 6.3 million followers on her TikTok profile.

The TikTok star has announced that she is bisexual after speculations that she has a girlfriend called Kaila.

So, who is Kaila Novak? Here’s everything you need to know about her.

Olivia Ponton’s YouTube channel

TikTok star Olivia Ponton announces she is bisexual

Olivia Ponton has confirmed that she is bisexual.

She made the announcement in an interview with Teen Vogue, telling the publication: “I want to announce that I’m bisexual, and I’m now proud to be a part of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Olivia went on to say that she decided to publicly come out after fellow social media star JoJo Siwa opened up about her sexuality.

She said: “I saw that and thought ‘Wow, that’s really amazing for young children now because she’s such a big role model’. And she’s really become almost a role model for me to look up to as well.

“I want to let young girls know that it’s okay to not even know your sexuality until you’re older. I think it should be more normalized to come out [when you’re ready for it].”

The announcement comes after months of speculations when Olivia sang to a remix TikTok song that goes by the name ‘Well first of all ehhh’.

The song is a popular one among the LGBTQ community on TikTok and a lot of Olivia’s followers thought that she used it to come out and address her sexuality.

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Who is Kaila Novak?

Kaila Novak, 19, studies at UCLA where she plays forward on the women’s soccer team. 

In an interview with UCLA Athletics, she said that she is a Canadian Youth National Team player and explained: “UCLA is obviously a very competitive soccer school, one of the best in the US for soccer but also an extremely competitive academic school. UCLA is the best bit for me not only to grow in soccer and academic but also as a human being.”

Kaila shot to stardom on TikTok where she gained 850,000 followers for her dance and lip-syncing videos.

She and Olivia often feature at each other’s Instagram and TikTok profiles.

Meet Kaila on Instagram

Kaila enjoys a stable following on Instagram where she currently has 65.8k followers.

On her Instagram Stories, she shared a sweet message about Olivia’s announcement, writing: “My everything and more [heart emoji]. Watching you grow throughout this entire journey has been a blessing. Welcome to the club @olivia.ponton!!!”

You can find Kaila under the handle @kailanovak_.

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