Did Mike Majlak and girlfriend Lana Rhoades break up? The model has announced that she is pregnant in a new Instagram post.

Many fans have found themselves emotionally invested in the relationship of Mike Majlak and his girlfriend Lana Rhoades.

The two got back together after a short break-up last year and it looked like the two have put the hurdles of their past behind.

Lana has revealed what their relationship status is after fans started speculating whether she and Mike have called it quits.

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Who is Mike Majlak’s girlfriend?

Mike Majlak’s girlfriend is Lana Rhoades.

Lana, whose real name is actually Amara Maple, is an adult film actress and model. The 24-year-old from Chicago, Illinois appeared in the 2017 movie Lana, and has also modelled for Playboy in the past.

She currently has 15.5 million followers on Instagram and makes regular appearances on Mike’s YouTube channel Mike Majlak Vlogs.

Lana also hosts a podcast called ‘3 Girls 1 Kitchen’ with fellow influencers Olivia Davis and Alexa Adams.

Her name is trending again as she has just confirmed that she is pregnant in a new Instagram post.

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Did Mike Majlak and Lana Rhoades break up?

Yes. Lana Rhoades has revealed that she is single now because she and Mike have called it quits.

Taking to her Instagram Stories on Thursday (February 18th), she wrote:

“The reason that Mike is not on my Instagram is because we are not together, I am single. We are broken up and not getting back together this time. Now leave me alone about it.”

Many of Lana’s followers started speculating that they have broken up after her solo Valentine’s Day pictures on Instagram.

Mike and Lana’s relationship

Mike and Lana started dating in mid-January 2020. The two met thanks to Mike’s friend and YouTuber Logan Paul.

But their relationship was rocked by cheating allegations last year, as well as a short break-up in October before they reunited a few weeks later.

Lana previously opened up about her relationship with Mike on the podcast ‘3 Girls 1 Kitchen’, explaining that it took a food challenge for Mike to say ‘I love you’. She said:

“I had to say it a hundred times before my boyfriend said it back. Actually, I had to…You know the spicy chip challenge? So he made me eat one for one of his friend’s vlog and then he said, ‘I love you’ because I did it. So that’s how I got my first ‘I love you’.

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