Teen Mom 2 season 10’s latest episode revealed that Jade Cline underwent Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Here are its cost and dangers explored!

The latest celebrity to hop on the plastic surgery train is Jade from Teen Mom 2’s cast.

Recently the reality star underwent Brazilian Butt Lift surgery. Naturally, she documented her entire journey, right from making the decision to go under the knife, to get it done.

Teen Mom 2 season 10, episode 26, which aired on May 31, saw cast member Briana DeJesus take Jade to Florida to undergo the surgery. However, the episode caused an uproar of sorts among the fans.

Many were shocked to see the 23-year-old undergo a dangerous surgery like Brazilian Butt Lift at such a young age.

Others talked about how expensive it is!

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How much did Teen Mom 2 star Jade Cline’s surgery cost?

A report in Healthline reveals the average cost of the Brazilian buttock lift in the United States is between $4,500 to $6000. However, getting buttock implants might be slightly more expensive.

However, the cost for a Brazilian Butt Lift surgery can vary drastically depending on the surgeon’s expertise and experience. Aside from the base fee, there are costs involved, such as hospital stays, anaesthesia, and also aftercare.

Brazilian Butt Lift dangers explored!

While the Brazilian Butt Lift surgery is safer than something like the placement of silicone buttock implants, it does come with its fair share of possible troubles.

The procedure is touted for providing more natural-looking results and creating more roundness on the backside. However, some of its side effects include the risk of infection and scarring which may lead to a lot of pain.

Some of the other more severe effects include lumps under the skin in the areas which have been suctioned or injected into.

Other troubling effects can be loss of skin in the treated areas as a result of a deep infection. Moreover, fat embolism in the heart or lungs can be a deadly effect of the surgery.

Surgery.org reveals that the fatality rate due to Brazilian Butt Lift 1 in 3000. The surgery can be fatal when the procedure is performed incorrectly. For instance, if the fat that is injected enters large veins in the buttocks, and travels to the lungs.

This can lead to respiratory distress causing death in some cases.

Jade Cline Before and After the plastic surgery

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The MTV star hasn’t shied away from showing off her new curves on Instagram. The picture (above) was taken in 2018, and Jade appears less ‘curvy’ in it.

However, over the last few months, since the procedure, she hasn’t held back from getting full-body pictures. However, for most of her recent pictures, Jade has turned off comments.

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From her Instagram, it looks like February 15 is when the Teen Mom 2 star recovered and was ready to confidently show the world her new body.

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