Chris Hemsworth recently posted a super jacked picture of himself on Instagram from his Thor: Love and Thunder avatar but twitter quickly turned to steroids debate after seeing his jacked arms and muscles!

Thor: Love and Thunder is one of Marvel’s most anticipated films lately. Chris took to Instagram yesterday on June 1, to reveal that the shoot for the upcoming superhero movie was finally over.

Announcing the exciting news, Chris posted a picture of himself with the film’s director Taika Waititi. However, many fans couldn’t help notice how jacked Chris looked as Thor in the photo.

On the other hand, Taika adorned a rather strange outfit resembling the look of the Asgardians.

Upon seeing the picture many Marvel and Thor fans took to Twitter to express their surprise at Chris’ ultra-jacked look.

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Chris Hemsworth looks jacked in Instagram picture

In his Instagram pic, the 37-year-old star sported a cut-sleeve white graphic t-shirt and a pair of skin-tight jeans.

His cut-sleeve t-shirt focused fans attention on his arms on his ultra-jacked arms and muscles.

Many took to the comments section under Chris’ Instagram post to express how excited they were about the movie.

However, more than the film, it was Chris’ arms that stole everybody’s attention.

One user said, “I reckon your arm is the size of the thigh.”

A second user wrote, “What a man on this arm.”

A third user wrote, “Thankgod jacked Thor is back.”

However, the photo became viral on Twitter pretty quickly and users had more things to say about it on the platform.

Twitter reacts to Chris Hemsworth’s jacked arms and muscles!

Chris’ jacked muscles left Twitter divided with some suggesting that the Thor: Love and Thunder star might have taken steroids to achieve this shape.

On the other hand, other users touted how the Aussie actor was blessed with a body capable of so much transformation.

One user wrote, “I wonder if Chris Hemsworth has ever used steroids.”

A second user said, “He’s jacked so he must be on steroids” is the most naive argument I’ve ever heard. I have seen no evidence that suggests he juices. In fact with all the workout Info that is shared, it seems to suggest that he is just naturally gifted with a body that can support that growth.”

Replying to the above argument another user said, “Come on, surely you’ve seen him once filming ends, he deflates like a balloon Clear sign of steroids, no man can be like that without help.”

However, the previous user was quick to respond saying, “That’s likely because he doesn’t need to be in that kind of shape when he’s not filming so there’s no point to keep the excruciating routine. And says who? You are making assumptions.”

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