Fans are going into meltdown after rumours have begun to fly around that Chris Evans has a secret girlfriend from the East Coast area.

The rumours began when a celebrity gossip Instagram page posted several messages from followers who claimed that Chris has a girlfriend and that they are “getting pretty serious.”

The Captain America actor is yet to confirm whether this is true.

Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images for Disney

Chris Evans rumoured to have a new girlfriend

Instagram celebrity gossip account DeuxMoi shared the news that Chris Evans is rumoured to have a new “East Coast girlfriend.”

Someone sent in a message saying that they “heard he is currently dating a non famous, nice girl from the East Coast area.”

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Others responded to the rumour, and one Instagram user wrote: “Can confirm. My friend is friends with her and she said they are getting pretty serious.”

Another person said: “I can confirm the Chris Evans tea with the East Coast girl.” They called her the “sweetest girl ever.”

So far, all this is just rumours and Chris is yet to confirm anything himself.

Twitter reacts to Chris Evans’ new rumoured girlfriend

One Twitter user wrote: “Apparently Chris Evans has a secret non- famous East Coast girlfriend and I wish I could say that didn’t literally devastate me but here we are.”

Another tweeted: “First day of June and we just found out that Chris Evans has a secret girlfriend besties I can’t do this today.”

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