Have you seen everyone on TikTok using the abbreviation ‘SA’? Well, here’s what it means.

TikTok has its own vocabulary full of bizarre slang terms, and it can sometimes be really difficult to work out what they mean.

The latest phrase to take over the app is ‘SA’, but what does it mean? Here’s a full definition.

Image by Kon Karampelas from Pixabay

What does ‘SA’ mean on TikTok?

  • Sexual assault.

If you see a TikTok video, comment or hashtag that contains the letters ‘SA’, it is usually referring to sexual assault.

These videos usually have a trigger warning, and people prefer to use the abbreviation as it is such a sensitive topic.


EPISODE 3 of CONSENT & CONSEQUENCES #consent #sa #drivenyoung @byrondempsey

♬ original sound – Brent Sanders

It has some other definitions too

However, this isn’t the only meaning that SA could have on TikTok. In fact, it has quite a few different definitions.

Firstly, ‘SA’ could also mean South African, and the abbreviation is used a lot on TikTok alongside South African content.

It could also mean ‘social anxiety’, or ‘sibling alert’, which essentially just means you’re sending a message to your brother or sister.


African churches are always lit 😂. Credit @theecalebkay 👊🏾 #fyp #comedy #church #waymaker #SA #tiktoksouthafrica #gospel

♬ original sound – Caleb Kay

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