On Monday, May 31 a TikTok made a video claiming that Olivia Munn was potentially pregnant with John Mulaney’s child.

John and Olivia’s link-up rumours were very shocking for many fans.

In May this year, news broke that the stand-up comedian was potentially romancing X-Men: Apocalypse actress. The link-up news came upon the heels of John filing for a divorce from his wife of six years Annamarie Tendler.

However, John and Olivia have become a hot topic for the internet once again. This time it’s because of a TikTok video that suggests that the duo might be expecting a baby.

TikTok Video claiming Olivia Munn is pregnant explored!

It seems like this whole Olivia being pregnant rumour was started after two TikTok users made a video. The video was posted on the page, “celebrity memoir book club,” and sees one of the girls claiming she has some potential celebrity gossip.

She begins explaining how they had this potential news, saying, “I and my co-host are comics in New York City, so we run in certain circles.”

At this point the other girl says, “We are not in John Mulaney’s circle.”

Turning the camera to herself the first girl says, “We’re not in John Mulaney’s circle, but somebody is, and somebody is who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows somebody who knows us…”

There’s atleast five somebodys in there!

She then goes on to state that several sources have informed her that Olivia could be pregnant with John’s baby. The TikTok user admits at this point that it could or could not be true.

While many might find it compelling to believe these claims, we must note that neither Olivia nor John have spoken about it yet. Hence, there is no official comment by either party involved about the same.

As the video became viral, many fans took to Twitter expressing their shock. Some claimed that they wanted to believe it. Many also tweeted in support of John’s ex-wife Anna.

Photo by Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Twitter reacts to ‘Olivia Munn is pregnant rumour’

Reacting to the internet rumour one twitter user said, “years of people saying all men are trash except john mulaney just for him to be the ultimate trash man is something you literally can not make up.”

The user then went on to clarify why they felt this way saying, “i say this because he was always talking about not wanting kids but now apparently olivia m*nn is pregnant (APPARENTLY)”

A second user wrote, “not some woman on tiktok saying olivia munn is pregnant, people are gonna start saying its johns. these rumors keep getting worse. leave john alone! leave olivia alone! give them privacy!”

A third user wrote, “ummmm just saw someone claim olivia munn is pregnant w john mulaney’s baby…..celebrities doing what they should do, entertain!!!”

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