Addison Rae just posted an Instagram photo that’s caused a bit of confusion. Does she have a back tattoo?

Back in November, fans thought Addison Rae had got a tattoo after they spotted an ink-like mark on her stomach in a TikTok video. However, it turned out to actually just be the label from her top.

Now, fans are speculating that she’s got a tattoo yet again, and this one is a little more convincing.

Does Addison have a new tattoo on her back? Let’s find out.

Photo by Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon

Fans think Addison Rae has a new back tattoo

On Monday (May 31st), Addison Rae posted a photo that’s got fans talking.

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In the image, she wore a backless yellow dress and took a mirror selfie from behind, and it’s her back that’s caught everyone’s attention.

Right in the middle of her back, it looks like there’s a tattoo that extends all the way from her neck to her lower back.

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The comments were flooded with speculation

As soon as Addison posted the photo, the comments were instantly flooded with speculation.

“DID YOU GET A TATTOO???” one fan said.

Another wrote: “WAIT A TATTOO?”

“Wait what on your back is a tattoo?” said a third person.

This isn’t the first photo where the ‘tattoo’ has been visible either, as an image of Addison getting into a car with the ink on display is circling Twitter too.

Does Addison have a new back tattoo?

Addison hasn’t confirmed whether she has a new back tattoo.

However, fans on Twitter are saying that it was a temporary tattoo, which would certainly explain why it looks a little faded in the photo above.

Until Addison confirms it, or posts another photo of her back, we won’t know for sure.

But, if she really had got a new tattoo on her back, she most likely would have posted it on her Story. So, we can assume it’s probably fake.

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