Sienna Mae Gomez is one of the most popular TikTok stars and went viral over the coronavirus lockdown for creating body positivity and has amassed over 15 million followers.

Sienna had been dating Jack Wright who is a member of Hype House and a lot of fans were huge supporters of their relationship as they often danced and took videos together.

More recently, fans are speculating as to whether the pair have broken up or not, and we have some inside details!

Has Sienna Mae and Jack Wright broken up?

  • Neither Sienna Mae or Jack Wright have confirmed that they have broken up, but the pair haven’t posted on social media together in a while.

In recent weeks, fans have been speculating that the couple has broken up and some fans have even commented on her most recent TikTok questioning why Jack Wright has unfollowed her on Instagram. From Jack’s social media posts it seems he has been busy spending time with some of his other friends. Whereas Sienna has been spending time at home and even took herself out for dinner the other day, and had a meal for one as she claimed no one will ever love her as much as she loves herself.

Another post of Sienna Mae’s which went viral was a recent silhouette dance TikTok of her choreographing a dance to a slowed-down cover of Ariana Grande’s song “motive”. Some fans are questioning whether this was a post-breakup post.

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In the past few days, both Jack and his brother James have posted some videos and comments suggesting there to be a situation between Jack and Sienna, but neither have publicly confirmed this.


pov ur the spider on my wall watching me when ari comes on

♬ Heyyy – S Ξ L I

Twitter reacts to TikTok drama!

She has made past TikTok’s about the situation

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