On May 28, news surfaced that Harry Styles was potentially starting his own fragrance and makeup company. Find out if his fragrance and makeup line is called S.H.E?

‘Watermelon Sugar’ singer Harry has awed his fans with his singing chops. Lately, his fashion game has been up to the point too. However, it seems like being a singer and a fashion icon isn’t enough for the star.

Recently a fan account named Harry Styles Updates on Twitter posted a screenshot from the UK Company Directory revealing a trademark filing under Harry’s name. The nature of the business was stated as “Wholesale of perfume and cosmetics.”

Is Harry Styles starting a fragrance and makeup line?

While internet sleuths and fans are convinced that Harry is starting his own fragrance and makeup line, the singer is yet to confirm it officially.

The Twitter account, Harry Styles Updates, stated in its tweet that the 27-year-old singer’s company was named, “Pleased As Holdings Limited”. Many other media publications have stated the company’s name as mentioned above.

However, there is no consensus among fans about Harry’s potentially new company’s name.

Upon looking at the trademark many Twitter users stated that the company was named ‘Styles, Harry Edward” or S.H.E.

Radio Broadcaster, Mike Adam took to Twitter on May 31, and said, “#HarryStyles has filed a trademark for his own fragrance and cosmetics line called ‘Styles Harry Edward’. This. Is. Awesome. Can’t wait!!!”

However, another user wrote, “‘styles harry Edward is just his listing/trademark name and not his actual cosmetics line name.”

At the moment only Harry can dispel the myths around the news of him starting a new company. We won’t know the company’s actual name until the singer or his representatives reveal it.

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Twitter reacts to Harry Styles fragrance and cosmetics company news!

Harry has been winning over his fans recently, with his gender-fluid fashion. The singer has also featured some trendsetting manicures in his public appearances. Hence many fans believe that his potential company will offer unisex nail polish.

Fans were ecstatic on Twitter to hear that Harry was potentially starting his own cosmetics company.

One fan wrote, “Now I will buy and use only Harry Edward Styles cosmetics.”

Another user joked about the news saying, ““what are you wearing?” oh i’m just wearing harry styles.”

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