TikTok’s Alki Beach party is the latest event to be arranged on the video-sharing app. After Adrian’s Kickback went viral earlier in May 2021, it looks as though the beach gatherings are really taking off.

The TikTok Alki Beach party was organised on May 29th. The beach is located in Seattle, Washington. The first kickback (Adrian’s Kickback) took place at Huntington Beach in California.

Screenshot: Washington Kickback TikTok user @kidsteez_

What is the TikTok Alki Beach party?

The Alki Beach party, or Washington Kickback, is a gathering that was arranged on TikTok. Anyone can show up to the kickback which often leads to too many people arriving and the whole event having to be shut down.

TikTok user @kidsteez_ said: “Everyone pull up to the Washington Kickback at Alki this Saturday, May 29th at 6 pm… f*** Adrian, we’re going to get litter than Cali“.

As the TikTok videos show, many people turned up to the Washington Kickback, however, it got shut down by Seattle police.

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Who arranged the TikTok Alki Beach party?

Some people speculated that Adrian’s Kickback was arranged by a TikTok user named @adrian.lopez517. However, this wasn’t confirmed.

The Alki Beach party was promoted, if not arranged, by TikTok user @KidSteez. KidSteez also took to TikTok to share that he’ll be uploading a full Vlog on his YouTube channel covering the event.

Some were calling the Alki Beach party ‘Adrian’s Kickback at Alki Beach’, so it looks as though Adrian really started something off with his first event.

TikTok’s 2021 Kickback trend explored

Many people take to TikTok to share videos of themselves attending the kickbacks with TikTok audio “Yay Yay – Compton Ro2co”.

While many TikTok videos capture groups of people having fun, dancing amd singing at the beach gatherings, there is also footage on tikTok of fights breaking out, people dancing on police cars and police shutting down the events.

Not only has the Kickback trend attracted tonnes of people to the events, but all kinds of people are jumping on the bandwagon including lawyers and eco-conscious cleanup activists who visited the kickback locations once everyone had gone home.


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