After playing Gunther in the hit TV show Friends, James Michael Tyler appears unrecognisable to fans in the recent Reunion.

Why does he look so different? Keep scrolling to discover all you need to know about James Michael Tyler’s career after his role in Friends!

Gunther’s appearance in Friends Reunion

James Michael Tyler starred as Gunther in Friends from 1994 and 2004.

As on of many of Rachel’s admirers, Gunther was a coffee shop worker at Central Perk.

This led to a ten-year career with appearances in 148 Friends episodes; he is the show’s most frequently appearing guest star.

HBO Max had previously announced that James Michael Tyler would be featuring in the upcoming Friends Reunion amongst many other stars.

James Corden hosted the interview as the six cast members sat spread across a couch in front of the audience.

Gunther’s actor James, however, appeared on a live call shown on a big screen.

When asked about his experience making the show, Tyler replied:

“It was the most memorable 10 years of my life, honestly.”

Sporting a dark beard and a moustache, instead of his previous bleach blonde hair, the star sure does look different.

Take a look for yourself, with his most recent IG pic linked below.

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James Michael Tyler’s career since friends

So, since Gunther worked the coffee machine in Central Perk for years, what does James Michael Tyler do now?

Currently living in Hollywood, James is still an actor today.

He recently starred in a short film called The Gesture And The Word, which won awards at Birmingham Film Festival.

While previously acting in other independent films, James also featured in a 2013 TV series named Modern Music, where he appeared as Chad Levitz.

The star also filmed for an unaired pilot satire comedy called Nobody’s Watching, whereby he played himself on the set of Central Perk.

Although James spent the 10 seasons he appeared on Friends married to his ex, Barbara Chadsey, they split in 2014.

His new wife, Jennifer Carno can be found in many of his Instagram shots.

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Twitter reactions to James Michael Tyler‘s Reunion appearance

After 26 years since he starred in Friends, the actor now looks unrecognisable to fans!

Following a description of the Friends Reunion, @misswalden admitted that she would be unable to recognise James Michael Tyler out of a line up.

Using the Friends Reunion hashtag, @alingmeredith admired the difference in James Michael Tyler’s appearance in a tweet.

Despite the excitement, many fans were disappointed by the short air-time James Michael Tyler was given in the Reunion.

@ClassicPrithivi admitted that although the emotional Reunion made them super happy, they wished for more time with the other actors.

@KentoCCFC took to Twitter to express their confusion as they compared the actor’s feature with ex-football player David Beckham, who received much more time on-screen.

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