The Netflix animated family feature Dog Gone Trouble is about a lost pup whose owner has just died. The movie was great, but the soundtrack is even better.

A pampered dog called Trouble has his life turned upside down when he gets lost and has to survive in the big wide world on his own. Big Sean plays the voice of Trouble, and it’s safe to say he is very troublesome.


Read on to find out the best songs and music from Netflix’s newest animation that your bound to love.

Dog Gone Trouble soundtrack revealed

  • All About us – performed by Julia Michaels ft Big Sean
  • Chaotic Perfection – written by F.Macchia
  • Bad and Dangerous – written by Minou Monet
  • Back to Earth (acoustic) – performed by Lucy Hale
  • Never Never – written by Stephen Mcintosh and Joseph Charles
  • Made for Two – performed by Jason Mraz ft Lucy Hale
  • Grouting King – written by Manny Fly, Colin Badman and Mad Dog Sly
  • Back to Earth (pop version) – performed by Lucy Hale ft Big Sean
  • Home Is Where the Heart Is – performed by Choc ft Snoop Dogg

Trouble starts the movie in a mansion, and then sadly ends up having to fend for himself on the streets. After his rich companion, passes away, her niece and nephew dive in to gather her belongings but that means they have to try and take care of her dog Trouble too, and that’s when it all goes wrong.

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Explore the songs and music of new Netflix animation

The music editor was Christopher Charmichael who worked with the score coordinator Gina Zimmitti to create a vibrant and energetic film.

The musicians playing the backing track involve; Adam Christgau on the drums, Ryan Lerman on electric guitar and Winjinand Jansveld on bass guitar. Philip Krohnengold on piano, Daniel Levin on horn, Satnam Ramgotra on percussion and Chris Pierce on the harmonica. All of their music is recorded by Clay Blair at Boulevard Recording.

The comedy film has some hilarious scenes including some squirrels making nut jokes. Another highlight is Snoop Dogg voicing a Doberman named Snoop, who raps a rundown of the movie whilst the credits role. So if you’re in for some laughs then get watching!

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