Is The Conjuring 4 confirmed? Will there be a sequel to The Devil Made Me Do It and another installment in the franchise?

So many beloved horror movies emerged out of the 2010s, but perhaps none went on to boast the legacy of The Conjuring. 

James Wan’s 2013 haunted house film earned acclaim from critics and audiences alike, with many hailing it as the scariest thing they had seen in years. 

Although it could easily have stood on its own, the teasing of mythology and cursed objects presented franchise potential and we have seen a string of films set in the Conjuring universe since, including such spinoffs as The Nun and three Annabelle movies. 

The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It is the third in the strict Conjuring series, after 2016’s The Conjuring 2.

Directed by Michael Chaves, it  focuses its lens on the events surrounding the trial of Arne Cheyenne Johnson, a real-life murder trial that took place in Connecticut in 1981.

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Audiences are happy to see the series back, but is The Conjuring 4 confirmed?

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Is The Conjuring 4 confirmed? Sequel explored

  • Warner Bros. is yet to officially announce whether The Conjuring 4 has been greenlit. However, director Michael Chaves has explained that there is potential for another installment with the Warrens. 

While in conversation with Dread Central, the filmmaker who helmed the latest effort acknowledged: “There are some really interesting case files in the ’80s and, without giving any of those away, I think it’s also interesting to see the Warrens more as these public figures under scrutiny, skeptics coming at them, them working with police departments.”

Offering how thoughts on which direction it could take, he added:

“What [The Devil Made Me Do It] hopefully does is open up this new chapter for the Warrens. This has a very unique ending to The Conjuring films. I would be excited to see where it could go from here.”

Essentially, the box-office success of The Devil Made Me Do It will likely be the biggest determiner of whether audiences will get a sequel. 

Considering it is the eight overall film within the Conjuring universe, it would perhaps be hard to imagine them stopping now, especially with Michael enthusiastic about exploring more cases with the iconic screen duo. 

The Conjuring 4: Release date confirmed?

Considering The Conjuring 4 hasn’t been officially confirmed, there is no release date just yet. However, it’s always worth speculating when it could arrive. 

There was a three-year gap between The Conjuring and The Conjuring 2, whereas there was a five-year gap between that and The Conjuring: The Devil Made Me Do It. However, the 2021 film was initially scheduled for release in 2020, so it would have been four years if not for the COVID-19 pandemic.

Taking this into consideration, perhaps a fourth Conjuring could arrive as early as 2024. 

Of course, the delay between films isn’t so lengthy when you consider the release of spinoffs in between. 

Perhaps they’ll choose to pursue a fourth Conjuring movie before spinoffs this time around though, as both Patrick Wilson and Vera Farmiga have confirmed they wish to reprise their roles. 

Vera explained that she’d “love to” come back while Patrick added: “We constantly want to push these characters. I would like to – for no other reason than I would want to keep playing opposite Vera.”

Vera also recently confirmed that there is already “some talk of continuing”

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The Conjuring fans praise The Devil Made Me Do It

As for whether there is the demand for another movie, the answer always tends to be yes for Conjuring fans. 

Viewers have wasted no time in flocking to Twitter to offer praise of the latest chapter in the Warrens’ story:

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