K-Pop artist Jay Park has come under fire after Muslim fans pointed out that his lyrics in the song “Mukbbang (remix)” are offensive.

The song, which was released back in December, mentions the Muslim god Allah, which many of his fans have stated is disrespectful of the religion.

Jay Park has now issued an apology, and shared several tweets addressing the situation and explaining his lyrics.

Jay Park under fire for Mukbbang song lyrics

Jay Park has come under fire for the lyrics in his song “Mukbbang (remix)” which was released back in December. The lyrics in question are:

“Worship me like Allah, get it done like wallah.”

One Twitter user said: “When will these artists stop using islamic things for their aesthetics and have a basic decency for our religion ? Its too normalized and got swept under the rug everytime.”

Another wrote: “This is about my religion, if you still support Jay Park, feel free to unfollow me. It’s so disrespectful!”

Jay Park apologises for offending Muslim fans

Following the backlash to his lyrics, Jay Park issued an apology on Twitter and addressed the situation. He posted a tweet, saying:

“Lyrics were never meant to be offensive or disrespectful. For anyone who took it that way I apologize. Y’all outta pocket for ‘he draggin a religion’ or ‘racist’ comments stop with that bull s**t false narrative. To me its just lyrics to some it’s more serious. Simple as that.”

He continued on to say:

“So to the people who feel some type of way about it. I didn’t know so thats my bad. Now I’m gonna go back to impacting peoples lives in a positive manner. Hope y’all do the same. Peace and love to everyone.”

Jay Park responded to several tweets, and replied to one with:

“Not everyone can know everything and if a misunderstanding causes u to hate me. So be it. Best I can do is apologize to those I offended and move on.”

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