Another Unreal Engine 5 tech demo was recently shown, and it’s safe to say that the visuals look incredible. While the full toolkit won’t be released until early 2022, there are some people asking if the Unreal Engine 5 is free thanks to an early access launch. Here you’ll discover if it is free and how to get the early access build.

Although it’ll be a few years from now before you get to play any titles using the graphics engine, it has recently been reported that the Gears of War developers, The Coalition, will be using the engine for future projects. We don’t know what these projects are as of writing, but The Coalition says that there are multiple.

While we can’t wait to see what games will come from the graphics engine in the future, below you’ll discover how to get the Unreal Engine 5 early access.

Welcome to Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

Welcome to Unreal Engine 5 Early Access

Is the Unreal Engine 5 free?

Early Access to the Unreal Engine 5 is free.

The Unreal Engine 5 early build is available to download and play around with for free, and there’s plenty to test and gawk over.

Per the official website, it is not production-ready as of yet, but it will allow you to start prototyping any future projects.

If this is your first time using the platform, there is an official hour-and-a-half tutorial on the official website.

There is also a 20-minute tutorial available for those familiar with the Unreal Engine 4 planning to jump to 5.

How to get Unreal Engine 5 early access

You now get the Unreal Engine 5 in early access format.

In order to get Unreal Engine 5’s early access build, you will need to download the Epic Games launcher.

Per The Gamer, you will also be able to download the Valley of the Ancient tech demo.

This is a 100 GB download that will also require a rig sporting – at minimum – a GTX 1080, 8 GB of VRAM, and 32 GB of system RAM.

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