There was recently a 35th anniversary stream for the Dragon Quest series, and fantastic news for fans is that the 12th instalment has been announced as Flames of the Fate with a new battle system. However, there was also the announcement of Dragon Quest X Offline, and some people are asking whether it is coming to the west. Here you’ll discover if a western and worldwide release is planned following confirmation of a Japanese launch in 2022.

In addition to the exciting reveal of the series’ 12th entry, other amazing news is that the third game is getting a beautiful remake. We’re incredibly excited to see how Square Enix will follow up on the incredible DQXI, but we’re also stoked about returning to the series’ past.

While the series’ future looks bright with the remake and next instalment, below you’ll discover whether there is a planned western release for Dragon Quest X Offline.

Dragon Quest X review video | Square Enix

Dragon Quest X review video | Square Enix

When does Dragon Quest X Offline come out?

There is no release date for when Dragon Quest X Offline will come out.

However, although there’s no release date for Dragon Quest X Offline, Square Enix are planning for the game to come out in Japan in 2022.

Producer Takumi Shiraishi said the following about the game (via Gematsu):

“As you might have guessed from the title, this is a new version of [Dragon Quest X Online] that you don’t need an internet connection to play.

We’re looking to create an easy-to-pick-up, easy-to-play standalone version… and as you saw in the promotional video, one with a completely different version style to its online cousin.

With these super-deformed, pixel art visuals, we’re aiming for a style that’s as nostalgic as it is charming.”

Will Dragon Quest X Offline come out in the west?

There are no plans for Dragon Quest X Offline to come out in the west.

No western or worldwide release has been announced for Dragon Quest X Offline despite plans for it to come out in Japan in 2022.

Square Enix also haven’t revealed what platforms it will be playable on, and Noisy Pixel reports that there was also a ‘There are no plans for a worldwide release’ message found in the bottom corner.

The above isn’t too surprising, but hopefully there will be workarounds in the future such as playing Dragon Quest X Online in America on the Switch.