This Is Us season 5’s finale threw up some huge twists, one of which left fans asking ‘did Kevin and Madison get married?’

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

Ever since This Is Us arrived on our screens in 2016, the NBC series has thrown plenty of dramatic twists and turns our way.

That was certainly the case in the season 5 finale which threw up several huge curveballs that will completely change the show’s landscape in season 6.

One jaw-dropping twist and a flashforward scene have left fans asking “did Kevin and Madison get Married in This Is Us?”

Episode 16 recap

Episode 16 of This Is Us season 5 is centered on Kevin and Madison’s impending wedding.

Kevin wants it to be the perfect day but when Madison reminisces about moments from her past, she realizes that it may not be a match made in heaven after all.

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Meanwhile, Toby reveals to Kate that he has been offered a job in San Fransisco and will be forced to spend three days a week away from his family. On top of that, Kate realizes that she doesn’t want to quit her teaching assistant job either as it’s one she’s grown to love.

As the episode nears its end, Madison breaks wedding rule number one and goes to see Kevin just two hours before the ceremony is due to start and pops the ultimate question, ‘are you really in love with me?’

Kevin’s answer of ‘I love our family and I love what we’re building’ doesn’t satisfy Madison and the wedding is called off at the last minute, leaving the Pearsons consoling Kevin.

The season 5 finale then concludes with a flashforward to some years in the future as Kevin is preparing a wedding speech and it’s revealed that it’s actually Kate who’s getting married, to Phillip the teacher no less.


Who does Kevin marry in This Is Us?

  • It is not revealed who Kevin’s married to in This Is Us season 5’s finale.

In the flashforward scene at the end of episode 16, we see a number of hints at how the future This Is Us timeline plays out, from Randall becoming a rising star to Kevin setting up a house building firm, Big Three Homes.

After the dramatic cancellation of their wedding, Kevin and Madison appear to be on good terms when they meet in the flashforward scene but it’s not revealed if they’re still together, although it would be unlikely.

One thing we notice is that in Kevin’s hotel room, there are a number of items left lying around that hint towards him having a love interest in his life, from makeup and perfume to items of clothing.

However, it’s not revealed who Kevin’s new partner is just yet but that should hopefully be an area explored in season 6.


This Is Us season 5 concluded on NBC on May 25th, 2021.

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