The finale of This Is Us season 5 left fans asking “what happened to Toby?” after he was missing from a future flashforward scene.

*WARNING: Spoilers ahead*

This Is Us has always thrown up some huge twists and turns since it first arrived on our screens and the same can be said in the finale of season 5.

The episode saw Toby receive a job offer that would see him having to spend time away from his family. Despite this, he and Kate said they’d make the long-distance relationship work.

However, in the final flashforward, it’s revealed that Kate is getting married to someone else, prompting fans to ask “what happened to Toby in This Is Us?”

Episode 16 recap

Episode 16 of This Is Us season 5 is centered on Kevin and Madison’s impending wedding.

Kevin wants it to be the perfect day but when Madison reminisces about moments from her past, she realizes that it may not be a match made in heaven after all.

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Meanwhile, Toby reveals to Kate that he has been offered a job in San Fransisco and will be forced to spend three days a week away from his family. On top of that, Kate realizes that she doesn’t want to quit her teaching assistant job either as it’s one she’s grown to love.

As the episode nears its end, Madison breaks wedding rule number one and goes to see Kevin just two hours before the ceremony is due to start and pops the ultimate question, ‘are you really in love with me?’

Kevin’s answer of ‘I love our family and I love what we’re building’ doesn’t satisfy Madison and the wedding is called off at the last minute, leaving the Pearsons consoling Kevin.

The season 5 finale then concludes with a flashforward to some years in the future as Kevin is preparing a wedding speech and it’s revealed that it’s actually Kate who’s getting married, to Phillip the teacher no less.


What happened to Toby in This Is Us?

  • Toby’s fate in This Is Us season 5 is not revealed in the final flashforward scene.

We do know that Toby is no longer with Kate as she is revealed to be getting married to Phillip the teacher, a development that few would have believed after their first meeting as Phillip said she would be a poor fit for her job.

In the season 5 finale, Phillip has takes a hugely different tone when Kate offers her resignation as she’s become an invaluable member of the school’s staff.

While we know that Kate is getting married to Phillip, it’s unclear how Kate and Toby’s relationship came to an end.

Did the new work arrangements and long-distance travel lead to the relationship turning sour and a divorce? Or could have something bad have happened to Toby, such as an unexpected death?

Hopefully, season 6 will piece the rest of the puzzle together and give us the answers we’re looking for.


This Is Us season 5 concluded on NBC on May 25th, 2021.

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