Wed 26 May 2021 11:26, UK

The light blue nails trend is taking over TikTok right now, but what is it? And what does the colour symbolise? Here’s everything you need to know.

When you go to the nail salon, which colour do you like to get? Red? White? Pink? You just choose a colour that you think is cute, right?

Well, if you’re a fan of blue nails, you’re never going to look at the colour the same way again.

TikTok users are asking their boyfriend what colour nails they should get, to which they seemingly always reply ‘light blue’. Now, the colour has gained a secret meaning.

So, what do light blue nails mean? Let’s find out.

Photo by Anna Kumpan on Unsplash

What do light blue nails mean?

  • You’re in a relationship.

If you get light blue nails, it means that you have a significant other, aka a boyfriend.

Having blue nails is a way of telling others that you are officially taken and no longer available. Well, according to TikTok anyway.

TikTok’s light blue nails trend explored

Over the past few weeks, a new trend has been taking over TikTok called the Light Blue Nails Challenge.

The trend involves asking your boyfriend what colour nails you should get when you next go to the salon, but why?

Well, apparently men ALWAYS say ‘light blue’, and TikTok users are trying to prove this theory.

It’s unclear whether men know what the colour symbolises, or whether it’s just a bizarre coincidence, but all men seem to say light blue, and it’s actually pretty creepy.

Testing out the challenge

Everyone on TikTok claims that their boyfriend told them to get light blue nails. But, being the skeptic that I am, I decided to test it out for myself.

So, I texted my boyfriend “what colour should I get my nails done next” and to my surprise, he actually said light blue. Case closed.

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