How long is the Friends reunion episode on HBO Max and Sky One?

Shania Wilson

F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fans have been anticipating a show reunion for quite some now – ever since rumours surrounding a comeback sparked in 2019.

Now a reunion is finally set to air after 17 years, TV fanatics are eager to know how long the episode is set to be.

How long is the reunion episode of Friends?

If you’ve been a fan from the start, you’ll know that, typically, an episode of Friends usually runs between 20-23 minutes.

Though, those who are obsessed with Friends are in for a treat on 27th May – the reunion episode will have a run-time of two hours!

Set to air on HBO Max in the US and Sky One in the UK, the one-off episode will see the cast revisit the set in an unscripted interview-esque format. Though, the cast will be returning as themselves, as opposed to their characters.

Sky One commented: “Emotions run high as the cast of Friends take one last trip to Central Perk to reminisce and relive moments from the iconic sitcom.”

What can you expect to see in the special?

Other than the return of the cast, fans can expect to see a line-up of other widely-recognised guests, including Lady Gaga, Cindy Crawford, BTS, James Corden, and Justin Bieber.

Extra members from the cast are also set to appear, with the likes of Tom Selleck (Richard Burke), James Michael Tyler (Gunther), and Maggie Wheeler (Janice).

From the trailer alone, fans can see that the episode is going to be worth the wait for.

Fans of the sitcom can barely keep their excitement in, taking to Twitter. One love of Friends wrote: “I’m gonna cry, I’m so excited!”

How to watch the Friends reunion (US and UK)

If, much like most of the world, you’re eager to watch the reunion episode, here is how to do so:


For US audiences, the one-off special will launch on HBO Max on Thursday 27th May, 12AM PT/3AM ET.

The show will only be available to HBO Max subscribers, which – if you don’t have it – is a monthly cost of $14.99.


Likewise, for UK audiences, the reunion episode will be broadcasted on Sky One on Thursday 27th May 8pm.

Will you be tuning in?

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