25th May marks ‘Towel Day’ – a tribute to the late author, Douglas Adams.

Each year, the internet is quick to spew out memes to commemorate the occasion.

What is Towel Day?

Towel Day is an annual event, always occurring on 25th May, to celebrate the life and work of Douglas Adams.

In Adams’ science fiction book, A Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, the towel is a symbol of safety when embarking on an unknown journey. Thus, fans around the world go throughout their day carrying a towel in honour of Adams and his widely-recognised book.

According to towelday.org, fans of Douglas Adam can participate in commemoration by:

  • Spreading the word about Towel Day by using the hashtag #towelday.
  • Carrying a towel with you as you go about your day.
  • Post a photo with/of your towel.

The first initial Towel Day was held on 25th May 2001 – just two weeks after Adams’ death. In addition, Geek Pride Day is also celebrated on the same date.

Adams even had his own anecdote with a towel, recalling a story from a holiday with his friends in Greece: “Every morning they’d have to sit around and wait for me because I couldn’t find my blessed towel . . . I came to feel that someone really together, one who was well organised, would always know where his towel is.”

Who was Douglas Adams?

Douglas Adams was an English author, along with being an advocate for conservation and environmentalism.

The author received an MA in English Literature, in 1974, from the University of Cambridge and went on to publish the likes of The Salmon of Doubt, Mostly Harmless and Life, the Universe, and everything.

Although the author mainly focused on Science-Fiction, and enjoyed satirising life, he was also a writer and script editor for the British TV show, Doctor Who.

Adams sadly passed away in 2001.

5 Best Towel Day memes

In honour of Towel Day, we’ve picked our top 5 Towel Day memes shared by Instagram users:

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Are you celebrating Towel Day?

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