Fans are asking “Is Biomutant multiplayer?” after hearing the news the game is set to release this month. It has been highly anticipated for years. Now it’s nearly here, gamers want to know when it will drop and if it allows for the multiplayer experience.

Biomutant is finally being released after a 4 year-long wait since it was first announced in 2017. Though some fans are rumoured to have had early access to the game ahead of its release. This salt in the wound for gamers who have long awaited the game, has everyone feeling antsy for its debut.

So, when is Biomutant‘s release date and is it multiplayer?

When is Biomutant’s release date?

Biomutant is scheduled for release on PS4, Xbox One, and PC on May 25th.

The game is developed by previous employees of Avalanche Studios, who formed their own group in 2015 titled Experiment 101, a Swedish games development company. This will be their first release.

Is Biomutant multiplayer?

  • Biomutant is not a multiplayer game. The upcoming RPG is meant for the single-player experience.

The action-packed game is played in a third-person perspective and lets players take control of an anthropomorphic character. The fighting in the game is said to be “inspired by The Matrix and John Woo”.

The game will allow the customisation of abilities and bio-mechanical body parts. While the game is mission-based, the gameplay is not linear and is expected to have branching storylines. Therefore, the player will be able to take on side quests by other characters/NPC’s.

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