A recent viral TikTok video of Rapper Future is making many fans think that he was involved with Larsa Pippen. Find out did Future date, Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa?

Scottie Pippen’s wife and Real Housewives of Miami star Larsa has been making headlines recently.

Only 2 days ago, on Sunday, May 23, a video emerged on TikTok featuring Rapper Future detail how he came up with the lyrics for his hit 2015 song Thought It Was a Drought.

The video sees the rapper detailing one of his sexual encounters and how it inspired him to come up with the lyrics for Thought It Was a Drought.

Although he didn’t mention the name of the woman he had the encounter with, many fans seemed to believe that he was talking about Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa.

Did Future date Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa Pippen?

Celebrity divorces and separation, although very common, often become a hot topic on the internet.

Many fans were shocked when the former NBA star Scottie Pippen & his LA socialite wife Larsa Pippen announced their split in 2016. 

The pair got hitched in 1997 and remained together for 19 years before calling it quits.

Photo by Sergi Alexander/Getty Images for Haute Living

While no one knew the reason behind their separation at the time, many fans believed that it was because of Larsa’s relationship with Atlanta rapper Future.

However, it is important to note that these are mere rumours and speculations.

The rumours about Larsa and Future started after TMZ Sports reported that they had captured footage of the duo looking “cosy.”

The portal also reported that at the time sources close to Larsa had stated that the duo was only a casual relationship.

Over the years neither the Real Housewives star nor the Mask Off rapper has admitted to being together. In fact, Larsa has repeatedly denied the rumours.

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Are the Gucci Flip Flop lyrics from Future’s song about Larsa Pippen?

Two days ago a video emerged on TikTok posted by a user names ‘toxicmasculinityguru.’

The TikTok video features the 37-year-old rapper. The text on the clip read, “Future talks about sleeping with Scottie Pippen’s wife Larsa.”

Future begins the video by saying, “I was smashing this b*t** at the penthouse.

He then went on to detail the encounter saying, ” I really loved that moment and then went straight to the studio.”

He then details how the song became the inspiration for his song, Thought It Was a Drought, explaining the lyrics, “I just f****d your b*t** in some Gucci flip flops.

Although the rapper didn’t mention Larsa’s name in the video, many fans believed that he was alluding to his relationship with the reality star.

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