The ‘Dab Me Up’ meme is taking over Twitter right now, but where did it come from? And what does it actually mean? Let’s find out.

There are a few different memes that you see on social media all the time.

Distracted Boyfriend, Doge and Drake’s Hotline Bling are all pretty well known. Oh, and we can’t forget the Woman Yelling at Cat.

Memes are a huge part of internet life, but sometimes new ones emerge that can be difficult to understand.

One confusing meme that’s been blowing up on Twitter lately is ‘Dab Me Up’, and here’s everything you need to know about it.

Photo by Sara Kurfeß on Unsplash

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What is the ‘Dab Me Up’ Meme?

The ‘Dab Me Up’ meme is a photo of a yellow smiling emoji with a gold tooth.

Alongside the face is a yellow hand which looks like it’s about to ‘dab’.

A ‘dab’ is a hand gesture that became popular amongst youths in 2015 that involves pointing one arm up towards the sky whilst dropping your head into your other arm.

The meme also contains the text ‘dab me up’, but what does that mean?

‘Dab me up’ meaning explained

The phrase ‘dab me up’ comes from the slang term ‘dap me up’ which is a way of greeting someone.

If someone says ‘dap me up’ they are asking you to ‘dap’ them.

A ‘dap’ is a friendly way of greeting someone, usually by handshaking, pound hugging, fist-bumping or chest-bumping.

However, the phrase has recently been changed into ‘dab me up’ to describe ‘dabbing’ as a way of saying hello to someone.

The ‘Dab Me Up’ Meme is going viral

We now know what ‘dabbing’ is and we understand what ‘dap me up’ means, but where did the meme come from?

Well, it’s unknown who created the meme, but the image is commonly used by people online to interact with each other.

It first started going viral in January 2021 when someone on YouTube called DoubleJTheG posted a video where he spammed an Instagram group chat with the ‘dab me up’ meme until he got kicked out.

Since then, it’s taken over the internet and continues to go viral online.

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